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DBT Workshop for Families

of persons with borderline personality disorder

Fridays, March 18 - June 3

8 p.m. Eastern Time | 7 p.m. Central Time

6 p.m. Mountain Time | 5 p.m. Pacific Time

The next workshop for families of persons with symptoms of bpd starts in March!

You will learn emotional intelligence skills par excelence to practice for yourself and your loved one. We will cover critical skills from dialectical behavior therapy to help you manage your responses in ways that will reduce conflict and increase trust. You will learn the biosocial theory of how bpd is developed and how unstable emotions are the principle source of the difficult interactions and problems that a person with bpd experiences. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice strategies of emotional acceptance and strategies to change behavior -- and that will have a positive impact on your relationship with your loved one, not to mention on your own life.

If you have a loved one with bpd symptoms who is creating stress or even chaos in your life, if you are seeing this person dig themselves deeper and deeper into conflict or personal problems and you want to be more effective at helping them, then you need this workshop!

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