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By paying for this service and scheduling a session, I understand that the group classes, individual coaching sessions, and other services available at will not provide me any evaluation or diagnosis of a mental disorder nor with any psychological, medical, or legal services or advice. I am aware that these workshops, individual coaching sessions, and other services are for educational purposes only. These services provide information about various approaches and strategies that may be considered in dealing with somebody who may have borderline or narcissistic personality disorder.

I understand that people with symptoms of personality disorders are very different and they may react in a multitude of ways on different days. The information I receive may or may not apply depending upon my specific family member and situation. 

I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for determining what actions, if any, to take based on the information received, and for any actions taken or not taken by me. I hearby release Corrine Stoewsand, Randi Kreger, or any other coach from any claims or liability for any actions and decisions that I may take or not take as a result of any group or individual training.

I agree that I am responsible for knowing the local emergency resources that are available for me and my family and also to have appropriate emergency contact information at hand should an emergency arise.

I also agree to talk about the information conveyed in the workshop or individual coaching with my own licensed therapist, who knows me best and is more familiar with me and my situation.

I understand that workshops or consultation sessions do not create a therapist-client or lawyer-client relationship. These programs are intended to be confidential but do not have the confidentiality protections of a therapist-client or lawyer-client relationship.

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