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DBT Workshop for Families

A 12-week workshop on Thursdays, beginning February 3, 2021.

8 pm ET | 7 pm CT | 6 pm MT | 5 pm PT

Oriented to anyone with a family member or a loved one who has symptoms of borderline personality disorder, this workshop shares the wisdom and skills from dialectical behavior therapy.

Sign up soon if you are interested because there will be a maximum of 20 participants permitted!

In each class there will be lectures and slides as well as exercises for experiential learning. I am also delighted to be accompanied at times by Randi Kreger, author of Stop Walking on Eggshells.

We will have time to get to know each other and share the problems that each person is facing as we learn the information and practice the skills to respond appropriately, to care for ourselves, and to be respectful and caring to loved ones who are suffering so much.

These skills will help you to find more satisfaction in your own life and improve your relationships with others, but most importantly, they will help you to understand borderline personality disorder and respond more effectively in difficult relationships with persons who have symptoms of bpd.

For more information or for registration, click on the button below:

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