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Artificial Intelligence that Identifies Suicide Risk as Accurately as Trained Clinicians

Siddhu Pachipala, a high school senior, is a winner of the 2023 Regeneron Science Talent Search and earned $50k for his ground-breaking research that identifies suicide risk with A.I.

Siddhu just graduated from The Woodlands College Park High School, at a suburb outside Houston. A few years prior he read Thinking, Fast and Slow by psychologist Daniel Kahneman, and that got him reflecting on how people think. He was interested in understanding our thought processes in order to influence social change on one hand, and improve mental health on the other.

Eventually that led to his award-winning science project, Suisensor. I interviewed Siddhu in between his exams and his political activities and his launch into college at MIT. I wanted to learn more about his interest and research and to encourage him to continue to do research in the area of mental health. Click below to watch the video of 18-minute interview.

Corrine and Siddhu

...and if the prestigious science award alone wasn't enough:

Siddhu was also named the Seaborg Award winner and given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Regeneron Science Talent Search Class of 2023. The 40 finalists chose him as the student who most exemplifies their class and the extraordinary attributes of the nuclear chemist Glenn T. Seaborg, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1951 and served on the Society’s Board of Trustees for 30 years.

Congratulations to Siddhu Pachipala. May your work continue to unfold in the service of positive social change and better mental health!

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